Full-Year School (10 months)

The Limestone District School Board hosts students from grades 7-12 in Full Year Programs. 
Students begin school in September and complete their year at the end of June.

student bss Secondary school students have the option of enrolling looking to graduate from Ontario
 and looking to earn an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) must meet this criteria for graduation.  This includes completion of 30 credits, 40 hours of volunteer work in Canada as well as passing the Ontario Literacy Test.  Many students continue onto post-secondary studies in Canada following graduation.

Click here for Ontario Secondary School Diploma requirements

Each school in the Limestone District School Board is run on a two semester schedule.  

Semester I                                                                                     Semester II
beginning of September - end of January
                                                                 beginning of February - end of June 
 COURSE ONE (start 8:15AM)                                                                     COURSE ONE (start 8:15AM)
 COURSE TWO                                                                                                   COURSE TWO
 COURSE THREE                                                                                                COURSE THREE
 COURSE FOUR (end 2:45PM)                                                                       COURSE FOUR (end 2:45PM)
 AFTER SCHOOL                                                                                                   AFTER SCHOOL 
STUDYING or SPORTS (optional)                                                                  STUDYING or SPORTS (optional)

Formal exams are at the end of each Semester.  
School hours are Monday - Friday

There are several holidays during the school year when schools are closed including a 2 week Holiday break at the end of December and a 1 week break in the middle of March  

Each school runs four classes per day.  International students can take a maximum of eight (8) classes in a 10 month period.  Classes in Ontario are taught by highly qualified teachers implementing the latest research-based teaching techniques.  This can include group learning, self-directed learning, Socratic, technology driven learning, creative and flexible groupings, flipped classrooms and multiple formative and summative assessment cycles.  These features continue to rank Ontario classrooms as some of the top learning classrooms in the world.  Canadian Education systems have been called a 'powerhouse' for academics.

International students are integrated into classes among mainstream Canadian students, encouraging the development of their English language competency and exposing them to the academic expectations of the Ontario public education system.  International students benefit from our inclusive, caring approach to education.  We have six different secondary schools that provide spaces for Secondary International students.  Each school has different academic and extra-curricular offerings.  They include...
Bayridge Secondary Schooldeca students

  (575 students, grades 9-12, 45 International students)
  School Colors: Blue and Orange est. 1973
  ~ English Second Language (ESL) programs Level A-E
  ~ Advanced Placement (AP) Math courses

Loyalist CVI 
(650 students, grades 7-12, 45 International students)
School Colors: Green and Gold est. 1962
~ English Second Language (ESL) programs  Level A-E
~ Advanced Placement (AP) Math, English, Science and French courses
~ Film Studies Academy
~ Culinary Academy
~ Hair Design Academy
~ Creative Arts Academy
~ Pre-AP Preparation Courses in Grade 9&10
~ Academic Arts Program Grade 9&10

Frontenac Secondary School
(875 students, grades 9-12, 10 International students)
School Colors: Garnet and Grey  est. 1964
~ French Immersion Program grades 9-12
~ Advanced Placement (AP) Math courses

Kingston Secondary School
(975 students, grades 9-12, 10 International students)
School Colors: Blue and White  est. 1792 (moving to a brand new building in September 2020)
~ French Immersion Program grades 9-12
~ International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IB) 

LaSalle ISS  LaSalle Secondary School

  (650 students, grades 7-12, 10 International students)
  School Colors: Black and Gold est. 1967
  ~ Duke of Edinburgh Program
  ~ LINKS and Arts, Academic, Athletics Program package
 ~ Emergency Response Academy
  ~ MSIP Program for all students

  Napanee District Secondary School
  (950 students, grades 9-12, 5 International students)
  School Colors: Blue and Gold est. 1952
 ~Focus and Innovation Programs

Sydenham High School
  (750 students, grades 9-12, 5 International students)
  School Colors: Red and Gold est. 1874
 ~Focus and Innovation Programs
 ~ Rural School Program and focus