Elementary School Life

Elementary Schools Offering ESL Programming and Support

We offer homestay and 10 month school programming to International students in grades 7&8.  Should you or your son/daughter be interested in attending an elementary school for an International experience in Limestone, please contact our International Education Office or your agent for what school would best fit the needs of your family.  

If you are a parent that has a study permit, or work permit for Canada, you may contact the school directly.  You will need to provide the original document and proof of address and passport to enroll your son or daughter.  The school that your son/daughter will attend will be based on your address.  You can check the eligible schools by putting in your address into the following software CLICK HERE

Elementary Schools in the  Limestone District School Board host International students at several different sites.  Schools with ESL (English Second Language) supports include...

Polson Park Public Schoolschool STEM

Centennial Public School

Molly Brant Public School

Bayridge Public School

Lord Strathcona Public School

JR Henderson Public School

Calvin Park Public School

Sydenham Public School

Sir Winston Churchill Public School

Lancaster Drive Public School

Truedell Public School

JG Simcoe Public School