Limestone Homestays

A Window to Canadian CultureCanada Eh

Limestone offers international students the opportunity to live with a Canadian family while attending school in Kingston. For international students and their parents, this trusted network of local families offers many important benefits: a safe and secure living environment, an opportunity to develop English language through full immersion, and a gateway to experiencing Canadian life up close.

Student Support

Supporting international students comes hand-in-hand with homestay. Having hosted international students for over two decades, we understand the impact on students of studying abroad. On one hand, it is an exciting, life-changing experience. On the other hand, there are many challenges: being away from family and friends, living with a new "family" in an unfamiliar culture, and being expected to perform well in school in a new language.  We understand this and will help make the transition a smooth is what we do every year! 

An Internal Homestay Program

Limestone runs its own homestay program. The advantage? Better quality student support. Limestone dedicates two full-time employees to support its international homestay students. As regular employees of the school district, they have open access to schools. This allows them to see our students, and their school counsellors, almost every day, resulting in closer relationships with them and a better understanding of their needs. In practice, it is a round-the-clock responsibility that is taken seriously and proudly  by our coordinators. 


How does Limestone Select Homestay Families?

We select the majority of our homestay families by referrals from within our trusted network of existing homestay families and their friends. Each homestay applicant is carefully screened to ensure their home is clean and meets proper safety standards. Most importantly, the family must be motivated by the idea of providing support and care to an international student, not simply a bedroom and meals. All applicants undergo police background checks, which must be updated every two years. All homestay families are visited by our staff in Limestone periodically and develop an excellent relationship as part of the International team. 

Our Expectations of Homestay Families

Limestone expects homestay families to treat their host student just like one of their own children. International students are expected to be included in all regular family activities, such as meals, outings or trips, and recreation. Families monitor student achievement at school and advocate for students when required, such as at school or in the community.

Does Limestone Offer a Dormitory?Riding a Tractor

No, we do not offer a dormitory.

How Much Does Homestay Cost?

The homestay fee for 2023-2024 is $980 per month. The homestay fee is paid to the International Education Office, which then is delivered tax-free to each homestay family at the beginning of each month.