Canadian Study Permit

There are three types of Visas...


Re: Study Permit

This visa allows you to stay longer than 6 months and attend a school in Canada. If you are planning to study longer than 6 months, you are required to obtain the Study Permit. You can apply for this visa after you have entered Canada.


Re: TRV (Temporally Resident Visa)

The nationalities who are not Visa-exempt Foreign National are required TRV to come to Canada. This visa allows you to ENTER Canada. This is not a visa to study but you are allowed to study if your stay is less than 6 months.


Re: eTA (Electric Travel Authorization)

You can come to Canada with eTA if your country is Visa-exempt Foreign National. You apply online and receive a confirmation e-mail from CIC when it’s approved. You don’t need to have any paper to prove the visa because your passport number has the information.

You are allowed to stay in Canada for 6 months and study during the time. Some students come to Canada with eTA and apply for a Study Permit after they have arrived here.


There is a list of countries where belong to Visa-exempt Foreign National on the website below.